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Kings vs. Jazz Preview: Didn't we just do this?

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Kings and Jazz are facing off for the second time in less than five days after Utah defeated the Kings in Sacramento on Sunday.  Now Sacramento looks to return the favor, although it will be difficult if DeMarcus Cousins is once again unavailable. Tonight's game tips off at 6:00 pm Pacific on CSN California and KHTK Sports 1140.


1.  One of the biggest reasons that Sacramento was unable to come away with a win against the Jazz on Sunday was their inability to guard rookie Rodney Hood, who went off for a career-high 25 points on 9-17 shooting.  He proved too quick for Casspi and was able to get to the basket and to the line almost at will.  The Kings will need to do a much better job of controlling the paint.

2. Turnovers continue to be a huge issue lately, and they were very costly against Utah as Sacramento tallied 20 for the game.  Utah was pretty sloppy themselves with 18 turnovers but Sacramento wasn't able to take advantage due to their own miscues.

3.  With Cousins likely out, the Kings could have a rough time getting anything going in the paint given the presence of both Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert.  Sacramento will need to be diligent about spacing the floor and will probably need some better than average outside shooting to stand a chance.


Gordon Hayward vs. Rudy Gay

Utah was able to beat the Kings on Sunday despite a well below average performance from Gordon Hayward, who scored just 5 points on 2-11 shooting.  That's not likely to happen again, but at least this time the Kings will have their own star forward to counter with.


The Kings are on the road for one final trip,
to try to end the season on a winning clip.
It's been a rough year,
but I've got beer,
and for ping pong balls I don't give a rip.


Kings 108, Jazz 107 after Sim Bhullar nearly DOUBLES his playing time from last game, resulting in yet another Kings victory when he plays.