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Jazz 103, Kings 91: Sim Scores! Kings Lose...

With just five games left in the season, and a myriad of injuries, the Sacramento Kings took on the Utah Jazz on the road. Despite a very good first half, the Kings faltered late, falling 103 - 91.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

With Rudy Gay sitting out due to his recent concussion, the Sacramento Kings were even more short-handed against the Utah Jazz than they were on Tuesday. That did not stop the Kings from competing, however. They managed to turn in a very solid first half performance where they only allowed two turnovers. Unfortunately, by the game's end, the recently surging Utah Jazz managed to find their composure, and, thanks to a strong second half were able to build a 16 point lead in the 4th that the Kings were never able to overcome.

Fresh off a much needed win last night, the Kings were only able to suit up 10 players, and of those players only eight suited up for meaningful minutes. Omri Casspi had a solid night coming off of a career night the game before. He dropped 16 points, five assists, and four boards. Carl Landry and Ben McLemore also dropped 16 points each. Derrick Williams had another solid outing, dropping 14 points, five boards, an assist, and three steals. Definitely haven't seen a Coke machine put up those numbers. Sim Bhullar even made a late appearance, playing one minute and 22 seconds at the end of a game. He was able to get two points and a board, as well as a hilarious game of hot potato that unfortunately also resulted in his first air ball.

Despite an almost invisible night from Gordon Hayward, the Jazz were able to get another great game out of Rodney Hood who scored 20 points, as well as a strong second half by Derrick Favors after a slow start. Trey Burke also scored 11 points, three of which came off of a ridiculous half court heave.

All in all, there was plenty to nitpick, from bad execution to some inopportune turnovers after a great start. But seeing as it was eight guys playing, none of whom are more than a 4th option on a healthy team, I did not expect to much. The effort was there, but the execution struggled. The Kings will next be seen Friday night when they take on the Oklahoma City Thunder.