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The new regime is still better

We criticize, but make no mistake; the new regime is still better.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Many Kings fans have been very critical of the Kings front office this year. Drafting Stauskas, firing Malone, backing Corbin then firing Corbin, publicly negotiating with George Karl, and everything else. We've had plenty of reasons to critique the team and the way it has been managed, but let's be real here. Vivek and company are still so much better than the Maloofs.

Nope, sorry Bill. Turn that 8 sideways, because there is no tangible number of personnel moves that could equal Maloof-level incompetence. I'll take an owner who is impatient and overeager to win over the Maloofs any day. The Maloofs regularly traded players for nothing more than cash, simply to keep themselves afloat. The future wasn't a long-term concept, it was "how do we afford next month's payroll?"

The Maloofs attempted to move the Kings to Anaheim, Virginia Beach, and Seattle. They nearly succeeded twice. No matter how foolish or naive Vivek Ranadivé may look with his handling and involvement in the front office, I welcome his passion. His struggles aren't entirely uncommon with new NBA owners, although he may be more public with his mistakes. I'll take a guy who makes his mistakes while trying to put a winning team on the floor.

Some outsiders have wondered if Sacramento would still support a new arena had they known Vivek might managed the team like this. I say absolutely. The new arena was always bigger than basketball, and that's something outsiders can't always understand. They also don't understand Sacramento's passion for this often-flawed basketball team. We love the Kings, no matter how bad things may seem. Vivek, for whatever faults he has, is a lot like many Kings fans. He wants the team to win, and he's willing to suffer through some mistakes on the path to making that a reality.

The road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but I'll still prefer it over the road out of town paved with bad intentions.