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Memphis and Golden State two distinct models the Kings could follow

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

James Ham at Cowbell Kingdom muses over the potential paths for the Sacramento Kings, and he looks at two currently embattled Western contenders as possible models to follow:

Memphis grinds it out. They play through their two bigs all game long. They ranked 26th in the league in pace, which is the darling buzz word in the world of advanced statistics. Memphis held their opponent to just 95.1 points per game, good enough for second-best in the league and built their name on hard-nosed, conventional basketball despite employing stats guru John Hollinger on their management staff.

While Golden State bombed away, the Grizzlies ranked 29th in 3-point attempts and makes. They shot just 33.9 percent from deep, which ranks 22nd in the NBA, but they led the league in made 2-pointers and finished second in attempts.

Why do all of these stats matter? Because the Sacramento Kings need an identity and these two teams represent clear paths they can follow. This is the cream of the crop in the Western Conference.

It's an interesting read you should check out. What do you all think? Is Sacramento's composition more similar to that of Memphis or Golden State?