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Carmichael Dave "Playing to Win" Q&A

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't seen it yet, the new documentary Playing to Win: A Relentless Pursuit to Save a Team is a phenomenal testament to the fight to keep the Kings and to the people of Sacramento.  It's an underdog story where *Spoiler Alert* we all get a happy ending.

Carmichael Dave, one of the leaders of the Sacramento grassroots efforts to keep the team and a central piece in this documentary, was kind enough to agree to a Q&A session about the film on the site.  He'll be around later this afternoon and into the evening answering any questions you may have about the film, the Kings and anything else you might think to ask.  If you're interested in participating, just post a comment in the thread below and come back later today.

There are still seats available to see Playing to Win tomorrow night at Studio Movie Grill in Rocklin, so get your tickets now and quick!