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2015 NBA Free Agency: Kings still interested in Kosta Koufos

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

While the NBA Draft is Sacramento's immediate priority, free agency is going to be here not long after that and will provide an opportunity for the Kings to acquire some depth.  One such target in particular could be free agent Grizzlies center Kosta Koufos.

The Kings were reportedly interested in trying to trade for Koufos earlier this year, but Memphis opted to hold onto their valuable backup.  Now Memphis is facing the possibility of losing both their centers, as both Koufos and Marc Gasol are unrestricted free agents this summer.

Aris Barkas of reports that the Kings are still interested in acquiring Koufos, along with the Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics.  According to Barkas, Koufos wants more minutes (he averaged just 16 and a half minutes playing behind Gasol the last two season) and a significant raise from the $3 million he made last season.

Koufos has experience playing for Karl, having been on Karl's Nuggets teams for two and a half seasons.  Much like Marcin Gortat was behind Dwight Howard, Koufos is considered a backup that could probably start on many teams and is ready for a bigger role.  Koufos is already a plus-defender and strong rebounder and would provide much needed depth for a team like the Kings, who could play him alongside Cousins or bring him off the bench.  There'd also be less of a learning curve since Koufos already has experience in Karl's system.

This signing would not solve all of Sacramento's problems however.  Koufos doesn't bring shooting or passing to this Kings team, both things that have been described as priorities by members of this front office.  But it would bring toughness, defense and depth.

We'll see how serious the Kings are in their interest in the coming months, as Koufos is sure to have many suitors, most of which will have deeper pockets than the Kings.