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Chad Ford picks Myles Turner, projects Willie Cauley-Stein for Kings

Chad Ford's latest mock exercise has the Kings likely to take Willie Cauley-Stein, but Ford believes another player might be a better choice.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Ford's latest mock draft is now available via ESPN Insider, and it has a new wrinkle. Rather than simply projecting where players will go, Ford makes selections as though he was the GM for each team. Personally, I find it to be a refreshing exercise in this time of more mocks that you can shake a stick at.

Ford still project the Sacramento Kings to take Willie Cauley-Stein from Kentucky, which I'm sure will delight many Kings fans. But Ford the GM suggest the Kings should pick Myles Turner from Texas instead. Ford explains:

Analysis: In my last few mock drafts I've had Kentucky's Willie Cauley-Stein here, and based on my intel, I still believe he's the most likely candidate to go at No. 6 if that's where the Kings end up picking.But I've had this nagging feeling all season that it's Turner, not Cauley-Stein, whom teams should be turning to if they're looking for a big rim protector.

Ford then goes on the back up his reasons for liking Turner as a rim protector, and says that Turner has "cleared up his running mechanics" so his knees aren't a concern. Aside from the giant warning bells it sends me when I hear a center had to fix the way he runs, Ford's logic is fine. It may be incorrect, but it seems fine.

Where it falls apart is that the pick is based on Ford's assumption that the Kings' needs are Rim Protection and a point guard. I think the Kings could use a back-up point guard who is better than Ray McCallum and younger than Andre Miller, but it's not such a glaring need that you would use a top-10 pick to address it unless you landed D'Angelo Russell.

I would agree if Ford's argument was that the Kings need an upgrade at Power Forward. I disagree that the Kings need a rim protector. DeMarcus Cousins has become a rim protector. End of story. Personally, I'm a fan of Cauley-Stein for reasons beyond his potential to protect the rim. I think he'd provide the biggest upgrade at the four, relative to the other players projected to be available to the Kings. Also, because Cauley-Stein just legally changed his middle name so his fill name is now Willie Trill Cauley-Stein. He's an inspiration.

But what say you? Turner? Cauley-Stein? Other? Let us know.