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2015 Sactown Royalty Draft Board: Pick No. 5

Kevin Jairaj-USA Today Sports

Emmanuel Mudiay joins Jahlil Okafor, D'Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns on the Sactown Royalty Board.

On picking Mudiay, commenter adamsite said:

Pick projections 4-8 are going to be a crap shoot from now until the draft. The next tier of players are all talented but debatable as to who is best. Now the lines begin to but between best player available and team need. That being said one player has an edge in this group, mainly do to promise and style of play as it pertains to today's NBA, and that guy is Mudiay.

Mudiay could easily go number 4 or drop all the way to 8 based on workouts and interviews. As of today, however he is number 4 on my Kings board due to his backcourt strengths in passing, defense and ability to attack the rim. He could also conceivably play both the PG and SG positions. Positions basketball!! I'd like to see more on his shooting, but his talent and promise is too great for the Kings to pass up. I wonder if he'd be willing to workout for the Kings?

When a choice comes up, pick who you'd want the Kings to pick given all the players remaining. Note: THIS IS NOT A MOCK DRAFT. This is draft board, a list with the order of prospects you'd like to see the Kings pick. In other words, if we were the Kings front office, when our pick came up, we'd take the top name left on our board. So pick your choice, not who you think Vlade Divac, Pete D'Alessandro or anyone else would choose in a slot.

Explain your choice in the comments, and lobby for who should be added to the next pick's choices.

This poll ends at 5 AM tomorrow. The next one will be begin shortly thereafter. We will go roughly 20 picks deep.