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The Kings can't continue to repeat their mistakes

Even as the Kings look forward, old habits are dying hard.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Sacramento Kings majority owner Vivek Ranadivé often proclaims that while he makes mistakes, he never makes the same mistake twice. And yet the Kings organization has developed a habit of repeating mistakes. They once again have a coach in George Karl who was hired before the organization's top decision-maker Vlade Divac.  That isn't to say that it won't work this time, but it's repeating the same mistakes.

With Vlade at the helm, we can hope that the same mistakes won't continue to be made. In a must-read column by Ailene Voisin of the Sacramento Bee, Vlade says of interim GM Mike Bratz:

"I didn't know Mike before I came back," Divac said while returning from a scouting trip to Europe, "but I always heard great things about him, and working with him these last few months, I like the way he thinks. I am confident he can sit next to me and we can work together. So right now it's me, Mike and coach (Karl). We're sticking together. The biggest thing I noticed about the Kings the last 5-10 years was the lack of stability. The organization was too impatient. It has to be step by step."

The article also addresses one of the biggest problems with the Kings organization under new ownership; leaks.

[A]fter two turbulent seasons, the Kings finally can stop airing their dirty laundry and start sleeping in clean sheets. With Mullin and D'Alessandro gone, call it a mulligan.

The situation now begs for transparency, for maturity, for shrewd, intelligent basketball decisions.

Great! Let's stop the leaks. But that paragraph is preceded by two paragraphs throwing Pete D'Alessandro under the bus while assigning credit to Vivek for every good step the Kings have taken. In an article addressing the need for the leaks to stop, the Kings organization sourced a hit piece against a parting employee.

If you take the article as gospel, Vivek is solely responsible for hiring George Karl against Pete's wishes and for hiring Vlade Divac. Pete, meanwhile, is portrayed as being the man responsible for picking Nik Stauskas over Elfrid Payton, responsible for firing Michael Malone, and somehow plotting a coup to take over the front office. I'm not sure how, exactly, Pete was planning to usurp Vivek, the article offers no explanation how Vivek was going to be forced into selling his shares of the team to Pete.

The team's biggest problem, bigger than Landry's contract, bigger than who to draft, bigger than anything, is their inability to just shut up and let history prove them right. Pete D'Alessandro, Chris Mullin, and Vivek Ranadivé share the blame for the past two years of Kings basketball. Who deserves what percentage of blame is impossible to determine, and we'll never know.

Let's accept that they were all to blame. Two of those three are no longer with the organization. Vivek is the only overlap. It's time for him to stop making the same mistakes. Stop using the media to clumsily shape your narrative.

Stop repeating the same mistakes.