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Kings to announce arena naming rights partner tomorrow

Blake Ellington

It seems just a short while ago that the thought of a new Sacramento Kings arena was as unlikely to happen as a Reggie Evans three pointer.  But it's happening, and is already starting to take shape.

Tomorrow, we will find out what this new building will be called.  The Sacramento Kings sent a press release out today indicating that they will announce their naming rights partner tomorrow at 10 AM, through a live stream that you can watch here.

The Kings' first arena was known as ARCO Arena, as was the second one up until 2012, when those naming rights expired.  Thereafter it became known as Power Balance Pavilion, until Power Balance ran out of money because people started to realize their magic bracelets weren't actually magic.  Dale Carlsen and Sleep Train stepped up as the Maloofs were trying to get out of town to acquire the naming rights that are currently in use.

As for the new Entertainment and Sports Center, who knows what it could be.  Just going off of a list of current Kings sponsors (of which the naming rights doesn't have to come from), here's some possibilities:

  • Kaiser Permanente Center
  • Pizza Guys Palace
  • Bud Light Beer-ena
  • We'd really like it if you would subscribe to the Sacramento Bee Center
  • The Pepsi Center (Sleep Train's rights traded to Denver)

What are your predictions?