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Listen in on Willie Cauley-Stein's call with the Sacramento media

The Sacramento Kings selected Willie Cauley-Stein out of the University of Kentucky Thursday night with the sixth pick in the NBA Draft.

A few hours after the selection, Cauley-Stein spoke to the Sacramento media by phone. Here are a few highlights:

  • He and his agent were prepared for the news about his injury problems coming out leading up to the draft, but he just considered it politics in draft placement. He says he is is fine though as far as injuries are concerned.
  • Cauley-Stein said the lineups the Kings can use with him and DeMarcus Cousins will be "mind-blowing."
  • He says he considers himself to be more of a power forward in the NBA rather than a center.
  • He called on the Kings players to come together as brothers. If they don't and it's not cohesive and players are playing for themselves, then it is "going to look like trash." Strong words from the rookie.
  • "I want to put on for the city, that's my whole motive."
  • "If I'm supposed to be a defensive stopper and I have to guard the best player on the team, that's my role. Then that's what it is. I accept that role."