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Vivek gave Dan Fegan permission to explore a DeMarcus Cousins trade

The Kings owner gave Cousins' agent permission to pursue trade opportunities. Should we be concerned?

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Dropped into his excellent article on Vlade Divac's refusal to be bullied, Sam Amick included an interested anecdote. According to Amick, who is about as reliable as they come on matters of the Sacramento Kings, Vivek Ranadivé gave Dan Fegan permission to explore trades involving DeMarcus Cousins. This seems to run counter to the idea that Vivek and Vlade are steadfast on their refusal to move Cousins.

So when Fegan tried to orchestrate a trade that would send Cousins to the Los Angeles Lakers in the days leading up to the draft - one that Kings owner Vivek Ranadive gave him permission to pursue when he made it clear that Cousins wanted out - it wouldn't have shocked anyone if Divac decided to do the deal just to quiet this storm. Instead, he's trying to fix a fractured situation on his terms.

Looking closer at that revelation, though, we can interpret what's happening here. Fegan tells the Kings that Cousins wants out. This, whether true or not, would put the Kings in an interesting situation. Fegan has done this before, and he isn't an agent to mess with. So how do you handle it? Exactly how the Kings did.

You say to Fegan, "go ahead, you want him in LA? Work with them an bring us an offer." The Kings aren't giving up leverage. They aren't shopping Cousins. They're saying to bring an offer. Then, when the Lakers brought an offer, the Kings rejected it. This stays in line with what the organization has said. They'll move Cousins if, and only if, a deal is offered that is a "godfather" offer.

Vlade's recent appearances on local radio simply reinforced this. Divac spoke extensively about his refusal to be bullied or taken advantage of. He spoke about the importance of improving this team. And he spoke about not making any deals that don't help this franchise. Vlade isn't tearing this down. He's building it up.

Did Vivek give Fegan permission to pursue a trade? It sure seems like it. Should we be worried? Perhaps, but I'm not.