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2015 NBA Draft: Sacramento Kings high on Cameron Payne, will bring him in for a workout

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Kings have yet to bring any notable names in for a workout, but it looks like that could be changing as soon as next week.

From Candace Buckner:

Cameron Payne's a 6'2 PG who played at Murray State for two years, putting up big numbers across the board.  Payne's one of the hottest stocks in the draft now, rising up draft boards very quickly.  DraftExpress projected him as a late first rounder only a couple of weeks ago and now it seems as if he's a surefire bet to go in the lottery.  Part of his rise appears to be thanks to a rumored draft promise from the Oklahoma City Thunder, who hold the 14th pick.

Payne rising all the way to the 6th spot might seem improbable, but crazier things have happened.  A similar rise in draft stock occurred for Damian Lillard, another prolific PG from a small school.  There's a lot to like about Cameron Payne.  He's a natural PG, with one of the highest Assist Rates in the entire draft class, and he's also a very capable scorer and shooter.  Because he went to Murray State, he hasn't had the most exposure, but as we've seen in the past that doesn't mean a player isn't potentially great.

Keep your eye on Payne.  I have a feeling his name will pop up more and more in the lead-up to the draft.