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NBA Free Agency: Sacramento Kings Current Payroll

Free agency begins at midnight on July 1st, and the Kings hope to be both busy and productive. Use the following information as a handy reference guide during the free agency period.

"A qualifying offer? For me? You're pulling my leg!"
"A qualifying offer? For me? You're pulling my leg!"
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Player Contract Notes
Cousins $ 14,728,844
Gay $ 12,403,101
Landry $   6,500,000
Thompson $   6,431,250
Collison $   5,013,559
Cauley-Stein $   3,398,280 Denotes max. rookie scale for #6 pick
McLemore $   3,156,600
Stauskas $   2,869,440
McCallum $       947,276 Non-Guaranteed
Moreland $       845,059 Non-Guaranteed
Stockton $       845,059 Non-Guaranteed
Ellington $       923,670 Stretch Provision - not on roster
Total $ 58,062,138
Total Guaranteed $ 55,425,744


Derrick Williams is not represented on this list, as I don't see the Kings tendering a qualifying offer to him (Note: When the Kings tender a qualifying offer to Derrick Williams, you can thank me personally for it). There has been conversation that Williams' QO may be halved to (to roughly $4.2m instead of $8.3m) due to his lack of playing time last season.

McCallum's deal becomes partially guaranteed ($200k) if he is still on the roster 7/12/15, and it becomes fully guaranteed if he is on the roster 7/20/15.

I do not know when the contracts of Moreland and Stockton become guaranteed. Best guess regarding Stockton is that he has a $75k guarantee that will become the full contract if he makes the opening day roster.

Rookies may be paid 80% - 120% of their scale. Cauley-Stein's scale as a #6 pick in this year's draft is $2.8m. I am assuming that he will be paid to 120%, as is customary with most lottery picks.

The salary cap for 2015-16 is projected to be $67.1m, with the luxury tax set at roughly $81m.