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Kings rumored to be considering firing George Karl for cause, hiring John Calipari


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

report has surfaced from Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski that the Sacramento Kings may be attempting to fire head coach George Karl for cause, with an endgame plan to hire John Calipari to be both head coach and GM. This one is going to come with a big, bright, flashing "CONSIDER THE SOURCE" warning. While Woj is the undisputed king of breaking trades and draft picks, he's also been less than reliable on matters related to the Kings.

According to Woj, the Kings have their lawyers reviewing Karl's contract to see if he can be terminated for cause as a result of his attempts to trade DeMarcus Cousins. Calipari would then be hired to a massive contract, and given control of the front office reporting, presumably, to Vlade Divac.

While I'll take this with an enormous grain of salt, it wouldn't surprise me if the Kings had their lawyers look into this option. It's worth knowing your options.

As for Calipari, he would at least be a coach who DeMarcus Cousins respects and listens to. He's also a familiar face for Willie Cauley-Stein, as well as rumored-trade-target Eric Bledsoe. Could Kentucky beat an NBA team? Maybe we'll find out.

Update: As expected, this story is falling apart quickly. Nothing to see here. First and goal, Woj.