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Sacramento downtown arena progress update: Day 300

The Sacramento Kings arena project is 300 days in and the progress is a sight to behold.

This video we shot shows how the building is fitting into the heart of downtown Sacramento with the bowl of the arena taking shape against the backdrop of the city's high-rise buildings. At the 40-second mark you can see the Downtown Plaza bridge that runs over 5th Street between J and L Streets being gutted. The large plot of open land at the 1-minute mark will be the area that will hold the 16-story mixed use tower slated to be complete by the time the new arena opens in fall 2016.

According to the Kings, the construction taking place this week on the arena includes erecting, bolting and welding of structural steel; installation of metal decking; application of spray-applied fireproofing to steel; mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection rough-in; installation of rebar and pouring of concrete at elevated decks; continued demolition of building structures on the 5th Street bridge; installation of interior concrete masonry wall; and the start of metal stud framing of the interior walls.

In other words, we're a long, long way away from Jan. 9, 2013.

For more details on the project, make sure to check out