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Kings Interested in Jeremy Lin, Patrick Beverley

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Kings' hot pursuit of every available point guard continued late last night as two separate reports suggested the Kings have expressed some level of interest in free agent guards Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverley.

Tom Ziller predicted a 4-year, full mid-level contract for Beverley, which sounds like a fairly decent price considering the money that’s been thrown around over the last nine hours.

Beverley is unlike any player the Kings have had in recent memory. He is a point guard by position, but he is unique in the sense that James Harden was the primary ball handler for the Houston Rockets last season, meaning Beverley has plenty of experience off the ball, or playing with another ball dominant guard.

What sets Beverley apart from almost any other point guard in the NBA is his tenacious on-ball defense. He’d be the best perimeter defender on the Kings roster, and it wouldn’t be close.

He’s not a particularly useful offensive player. His playmaking for a point guard isn’t what you’d like it to be, and that is another reason why he fit so well with Harden. He does shoot the ball from three at an adequate clip, however, and while I wouldn’t call him a true floor spreader, you can’t leave him alone out there, either.

You’d think Jeremy Lin would cost less than Beverley, but it’s hard to say. Lin has been a decent player in past years, and is going to bring certain fan base and media circus to wherever he signs this summer. With the Kings continued interest in becoming a ‘global’ brand, this connection makes a lot of sense off the court, but Lin’s on the court production could fit as well.

Lin is coming off of a rough season in Los Angeles, but he has been a versatile offensive player in the past. As a bench guard, the Kings could do a lot worse. In fact, they have done a lot worse. When Lin is right, he can shoot, he can pass, and he can attack the rim better than you’d expect. The NBA has learned that he’s probably not going to take a team that far as a starting point guard, but as a bench piece? You could take me into it.

The Kings have already expressed heavy interest in Rajon Rondo, Ty Lawson, and Eric Bledsoe in the last month, depending on who you listen to. Beverley and Lin are a clear step below those guys, and should be looked at as backup plans if the Kings strike out on their main targets.