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Sacramento Kings "miss out" on Andrea Bargnani

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The Nets swooped in to "steal" the big man.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings will not be signing Andrea Bargnani. This news comes as a bit of a surprise, but not necessarily a bad surprise. Many Kings fans were perplexed by the idea of adding Bargnani to the Kings' stable of big men. The former number one overall pick instead agreed to terms with the Brooklyn Nets.

Perhaps funnier than the Kings "missing" on Bargnani is that he took a worse contract to go with the Nets.

Personally, I think Bargnani just didn't want to pack his stuff and move. Who can blame him? It's a huge nuisance.

This is the best possible outcome from the free agency trend of players not wanting to take Sacramento's money. Bargnani is a big man who doesn't do big man things, and a shooter who can't shoot. I hope Vlade Divac shifts his attention to remaining free agents like Darrell Arthur, Dorell Wright, or Josh Smith, all of whom are better options than Bargs.