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Matt Bonner returns to Spurs, presumably for less money than Kings offered

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Sacramento is denied the joy of cheering for the Red Mamba.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Bonner announced he is re-signing with the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday. Bonner had previously been rumored as a potential free agent target of the Sacramento Kings. Although there have been no reports suggesting this, Sactown Royalty assumes Sacramento offered more money than Matt Bonner eventually took from the Spurs.

Neither the Spurs nor the Kings had much in terms of cap space, but we must assume that, despite being inept at the salary cap, Vlade Divac found a way to offer considerably more money than the Spurs could. Despite the overwhelming financial implications, we assume Matt Bonner found the Spurs to be a more appealing organization. Despite this being a pretty common sense assessment of the state of the Kings and the Spurs, we also assume Bonner thought "lol Kingz no way Jose" before ultimately signing with San Antonio.

It remains unclear whether the Kings have additional moves planned. However, it is safe to assume they are actively pursuing Josh Smith because haha of course the Kings might do that.