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Ty Lawson trade reminds us who runs the Sacramento Kings

Ty Lawson was finally traded, but not to the Kings.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Ty Lawson being traded to the Sacramento Kings seemed like an inevitability. When the Denver Nuggets drafted Emmanuel Mudiay, Ty himself infamously proclaimed "I'm going to Sacramento." The logic certainly made sense. Lawson has his best years under current Kings coach George Karl. The Kings were known to be looking to improve their strength at the guard position this offseason. Karl wanted Lawson. Everything seems to line up, and thus is became a natural conclusion both inside and outside of Sacramento that eventually the Kings would acquire Ty Lawson.

But that assumption overlooked a simple truth that is becoming increasingly clear this summer: Vlade Divac makes the decisions, not George Karl.

I've always been a fan of Lawson. I hope he can get his personal struggles under control, because the man is a talented basketball player and, by most accounts, is a generally good person. And if the Kings had the disposable assets to acquire Lawson, perhaps they still might have.

Prior to the draft the Nuggets were reportedly seeking the Kings' first overall pick, 6th overall. Shortly after the draft Lawson was arrested for suspicion of DUI, his second of 2015. The Rockets still gave up a first round pick in the deal, although a presumably lower pick than the 6th, and with more protections in place.

After the draft had passed, the Kings were never linked to Lawson rumors again. Even when the cost to acquire Lawson dropped, the Kings were only mentioned in passing speculation along the lines of "George Karl would sure like to coach Lawson again."

I'm preaching to the choir around here, but we'll keep reminding everyone until it finally sinks in everywhere. It doesn't matter what players Karl wants. This is Vlade's show.