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How Did Seth Curry Catch Vlade Divac's Eye?

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You probably didn't realize you should have been paying attention to how Seth Curry did in Vegas. We got your back...

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

If you're like me, you watched every Summer League game hoping to get a glimpse of what the future might hold for Willie Cauley-Stein. Little did we know that we should have been recording the New Orleans Pelicans' games as well. Last night Vlade pulled the trigger on what appears to be Sacramento's final signing of the summer, when he snatched up Riley Curry's uncle and former Duke Blue Devils sharp shooter, Seth Curry, and signed him to a two-year deal.

Vlade has been very vocal about his desire to acquire a 3rd point guard, and while the younger Curry brother doesn't necessarily fit the traditional point guard mold, he can sure score the crap out of the basketball. So what did Curry do to catch Vlade's eye? Well, Uncle Seth didn't just play well this summer, he destroyed the Vegas Summer League.

2015 VSL Scoring Leaders

Player Team PPG
Seth Curry NOP 24.3
Zach LaVine MIN 22.0
Kyle Anderson SAS 21.0
Oleksiy Pecherov DEN 21.0
Alan Williams HOU 20.5

Curry put on a clinic in Vegas and showed he was able to score often, efficiently, and in a variety of ways. He wrapped up the summer with 146 points (45.9 FG%) and a True Shooting Percentage of 56.5% by virtue of his ability to get to the line whenever he wanted, and going 36-41 when he was there. That said, while he's traditionally been a lights out three point shooter, Curry only converted on 8-36 of his shots from deep. The Kings will be hoping this was more of an anomaly than the new normal, as they've desperately been searching for help in that department.

I will say, as high as I am on young Seth, he's sort of a defensive tweener. Despite a high motor and no lack of effort, he hasn't displayed the lateral quickness/speed needed to guard some of the more elite point guards in the NBA. In fact, he was on the receiving end of some of the nastiest crossovers of the summer. Curry's also probably not big enough or long enough, to guard most NBA shooting guards. The Kings might be willing to overlook these deficiencies however, if he can do even just a little bit of what he did in Vegas this summer.

To date, he's only played 21 total mins of NBA basketball on teams stacked with EXTREMELY talented guards, and hasn't been able to find his way into the league. A team like the Kings, who are in desperate need of reliable shooting, might just be Curry's ticket in.

Starting to wish you watched more of Seth Curry this summer? Well, the guys over at GD Factory Clips put together the most comprehensive highlight reel you're likely to find anywhere. Now sit back and get excited, while you watch Seth Curry reduce the Thomas and Mack center to ashes one shot at a time!

(I know... I know... It's just Summer League)