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Kings to possibly wear two new alternate jerseys next season, including one with sleeves

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As is the case almost every year, details about new uniforms for the upcoming NBA season have been leaked to the internet.  Paul Lukas of Uni Watch broke down the leak here, which included two potential new Kings Uniforms for the 2015-16 season.

The first alternate jersey comes as no surprise, as it appears the Kings will wear their Baby Blue alternates, which they wore from the time they came to Sacramento up until the late-80s.

Reggie Theus seen wearing the Baby Blue back in 1987 - Getty Images

The other alternate jersey however is a little harder to make out due to the grainy quality of the leak.  Here's the leaked picture, with the supposed new Kings jersey being second-to-last:

The jersey appears to be a light blue with purple lettering, featuring the Kings logo with what might be a crown above it.

Quick mockup of what the logo might look like on these jerseys

Of course, the other major feature of these alternate jerseys are the fact they have sleeves, a trend that the NBA hasn't yet seen fit to stop despite a seeming majority of people disapproving of them.  These jerseys are apparently part of the NBA's "Pride" line, and it's unclear how often the Kings would wear them.

As soon as we get clearer pictures of the new jerseys, we'll be sure to post them.  It should also be noted that there's no guarantee that these jerseys actually come into existence, as this leak might be based on older, out-of-date information.  That's what our own Kevin Fippin is hearing might be the case.

The intel that this image is out-of-date appears to pertain specifically to the sleeved "Pride" jersey.  While it's a safe bet the Kings will wear some kind of sleeved alternate this year, it's not clear what the finished product might look like.  In any case, we'll find out for sure by the time the season starts and we'll keep you updated as we hear more.