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Report: Kings to Have Second Meeting with Former Nets Assistant GM Bobby Marks

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Our new friends at Sportando reported early this morning that the Sacramento Kings met with former Brooklyn Nets assistant general manager Bobby Marks in Las Vegas during summer league, and will meet with him again in Sacramento shortly.

Via Sportando -

Former Nets employee Bobby Marks, who was dismissed from the Nets in May, has been pursuing a different position with the Kings.

Marks previously spoke with the Kings at summer league in Las Vegas and is scheduled to interview again with them in Sacramento.

Bobby Marks spent the last 20 years as a member of the Brooklyn Nets organization in various capacities. He had been serving as assistant general manager to Billy King since 2010, but did not have his contract renewed in May in what was reported as a cost cutting measure by the Nets.

Marks has been an invaluable inside source for basketball fans and writers on Twitter this offseason, which prompted SB Nations own Paul Flannery to write this incredibly interesting column documenting his social media presence throughout free agency.

This is coming off the heels of yesterdays Sportando report that the Kings had cut ties with their main front office analytics voice, Dean Oliver.

In all likelihood, the addition of Marks to the Kings’ front office would not be the answer to Oliver’s exit. Marks is a salary cap guru, and while I’m sure he values analytics like any other smart front office executive, I do not believe that would be his role if he were to join Vlade Divac and Mike Bratz in Sacramento.

Marks has a fantastic reputation around the NBA, and his history with University of Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari will only add fuel to those ‘Calipari-to-Kings’ rumors, but Marks would give the Kings precisely what they need; a veteran front office voice with major CBA and Salary Cap knowledge.


ESPN’s Marc Stein reported just minute’s ago that Bobby Marks will not be meeting with the Sacramento Kings at this time. Stein neither confirmed nor denied that the two sides met in Vegas during summer league.