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Sacramento Kings' Reporter Reliability Rankings

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of Sportando deciding to take a break from its focus on international basketball and instead report on the Sacramento Kings, I started to think more about the reporters I trust.  The Kings have had a LOT said about them in the media ever since Vivek Ranadivé took over, and sometimes it's hard to know exactly what to believe.  For me, it's often who is saying it that helps me gauge the reliability.

Without further ado, here's my reporter tier list (for Kings news), separated into four categories: Reliable, Mostly Reliable, Chad Ford, and Not Reliable.  While the title of this post suggests I'm going to rank within the tiers, for fairness I'm simply going to organize each tier by alphabetical order.  I'm also only including reporters in these tiers, not other bloggers, radio/tv guys or writers; Despite the fact that some do indeed have sources, that's not their primary job or area of expertise.

On to the list:


Mostly Reliable

Chad Ford

Not Reliable

Some of my choices for the first tier might be a little controversial to Kings fans.  For example, Adrian Wojnarowski has a terrible reputation around here, but I still consider him to have a much higher hit rate than failure rate, even when it comes to the Kings.  With Woj though I don't particularly care for the opinions and conjecture he sometimes inserts into his reporting, but the reporting itself is usually solid.  He's probably broken more Kings news in recent years than almost anyone else on this list, although he's also had several big misses, particularly recently.

The mostly reliable crowd shouldn't take that as an insult, I mostly just put them in that tier because they don't break much Kings news.  It's an ongoing joke that Crandell is often the last to report something, but when he does go out and does reporting, he usually does a good job.

Chad Ford gets his own tier, as he tends to grasp at straws regarding the Kings, but there are few people who cover the NBA Draft as extensively as Ford does and as such he's at least worth a read in that area, even if I'm not super confident in his reporting.

My not reliable category is pretty self-explanatory.  These are the guys that could say the Kings are acquiring LeBron James and LeBron James could be spotted in Sacramento airport with a Kings hat on and sporting a brand new "Sacramento King James" tattoo and holding hands with Vlade Divac and DeMarcus Cousins and I'd still question the report if nobody else was backing up what they were saying.