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Wes Matthews rejects Kings, but Kings fans shouldn't panic

The Kings struck out again. Now what?

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings made a 4-year, $64 million dollar offer to free agent Wes Matthews, only to be spurned by yet another free agent. Matthews verbally committed to the Dallas Mavericks. Details of their offer are unknown, but Matthews likely accepted a smaller deal. This is becoming a pattern for the Kings, as it's eerily similar to the way the Monta Ellis situation played out.

Should Kings fans be upset? Of course. No matter the risks associated with Monta and Matthews, either would have improved the Kings roster.

Should Kings fans panic? Absolutely not. There are still many viable free agent targets that make a lot of sense for the Kings. The biggest issue for Sacramento last season was depth. The starting unit of Darren Collison, Ben McLemore, Rudy Gay, Jason Thompson, and DeMarcus Cousins was one of the most effective units in the NBA last season. Thompson is gone, but the point remains that the starters weren't the problem.

Depth is the issue, and it's what the Kings should be targeting in free agency. Use the available cap space to acquire some combination of Kosta Koufos, Lou Williams, Rajon Rondo, Corey Brewer, Rodney Stuckey, or even throw a big offer at Tobias Harris.

There are options available to help the Kings. And even if the Kings fail to make a big splash in free agency, that doesn't make the trade with the 76ers a faillure. The Kings freed up valuable cap space. There will be trade opportunities that otherwise would have been unavailable to the Kings.

Sacramento struck out on Wes Matthews. We're three days into free agency, there's no need to panic yet.