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Kings pursuing Josh Smith and Lou Williams, per report

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The Kings stay aggressive, for better or for worse.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The Kings have wasted no time re-entering the free agent rumor mill. Just hours after missing out on Wes Matthews, the Kings will now enter into discussions with Josh Smith and Lou Williams, according to reports. Lou Williams had been previously reported as someone the Kings would be interested in, and Josh Smith has been connected to Sacramento in multiple rumors over the years.

As with any other signing, my ultimate reaction would be driven by the details of the contract either player might receive. The biggest concern is that the Kings may overpay either player in a panic after missing out on Matthews.

As for each player's fit with the team, Lou Williams would be a really solid addition to the bench. I would actually be fine with him in a sixth man role. I'd be less excited if the Kings expected him to start. With Josh Smith, it all depends on which player you get. He was actually really impressive with the Rockets at times. The issue with Smith has never been talent, it's always been his decision making.

The Kings are still aggressively looking to improve the team. Stay tuned.