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Rajon Rondo is in Sacramento Today to Meet with the Kings Front Office

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

According to just about everyone, Rajon Rondo is in Sacramento today to meet with the Kings front office, and if all goes according to Vlade Divac’s plan, Rondo could be a King by the end of today.

Of course, Wesley Matthews left Sacramento with an absurd 4-year, $65 million contract offer yesterday that resulted in Matthews taking less money to sign with the Dallas Mavericks. I don’t think Rondo is using the Kings for leverage like Matthews may have been, but the point is a meeting doesn’t necessarily result in a signing.

I thought Carmichael Dave brought up an excellent point on twitter last night when he sort of insinuated how uninspiring the Kings front office and ownership group can come across in these free agent meetings. These players are meeting with Vlade Divac, his staff, and Vivek Ranadive. George Karl isn’t there, DeMarcus Cousins isn’t there, and that is fine in theory, but when other teams are rolling out anyone and everyone in their free agent meetings, Sacramento doesn’t exactly come across as functional. These players want to feel out their future head coach. They aren’t getting that opportunity in Sacramento. I would assume the tension is palpable. Thing are in flux, and everyone knows it. Not ideal.

The Kings have been a heavy favorite to land Rondo since the free agent moratorium period started on July 1st. It would be hard to imagine another team offering Rondo more money than Sacramento, and his friendship with Rudy Gay has been mentioned over and over again as a secondary reason for the Kings pursuit.

If Rondo signs today, I’d expected it to be a one or two year contract with player or team options in any potential second year. Those terms work out best for both the Sacramento Kings, and Rajon Rondo.