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The Truth Is Less Fun

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We can argue about narratives all summer, and it'll be more fun that the truth.

Danny La-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings have been a national punching bag this summer. Not because the national media hates Sacramento, but because the Kings are easy target right now. A national pundit can insert a dig at the Kings in lieu of analysis, or when they simply need a little extra filler for a piece on the Kings. It may not necessarily be deserved, but it's easy, and the truth is less fun.

Kings fans have been overly defensive this summer. Not because the Kings are a shining example of how to run an organization, but because we want to believe the best possible outcome is likely. We can overlook the risks of a trade involving a first round pick and pick swap options. We can talk ourselves into the revival of Rajon Rondo, and hope that George Karl and DeMarcus Cousins will patch thing up. We do these things not because we understand things better than national media, but because we want them to be true, and the truth is less fun.

The truth is that the Kings have taken some major risks this summer. The truth is that Karl/Cousins is a ticking time bomb and we're just hoping that winning can defuse it. The truth is that Rondo may not be as bad as he was in Dallas, but he hasn't been explosive in the seasons following his injuries. The truth is that the Kings improved on paper, but there's still been a tremendous amount of turmoil and change this summer, and that doesn't always turn into immediate wins. The truth is that the Kings will probably be better than the national pundits expect, but worse than Kings fans expect.

But the truth is less fun.