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Sacramento Kings nearing agreement to bring back Omri Casspi

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The Kings added wing depth with a fan favorite.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings are nearing an agreement to re-sign Omri Casspi. The deal is reported as two years, $6 million, which is a nice price for a versatile backup. Casspi was a fan favorite after returning to Sacramento last season, and fans had actively campaigned on social media for the Kings to bring him back.

Casspi provides the Kings with a versatile wing player, who can fill in at either forward position. Originally draft by the Kings in 2009, Casspi left as a disappointment. After bouncing around the league and eventually finding his niche as a bench glue guy, Casspi was one of the few bright spots for the Kings at the end of last year. He also gave us the best off-court moment of the year.

boogie casspi

Welcome back, Omri!

Update: It's official.