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Jerry Reynolds grades the Kings offseason acquisitions

Jerry gives us his report card for the offseason.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Sacramento Kings TV color analyst and local legend Jerry Reynolds recently joined us to discuss Vlade Divac's offseason. With the additions of Rajon Rondo, Marco Belinelli, Kosta Koufos, Caron Butler, Quincy Acy, Willie Cauley-Stein, Seth Curry, James Anderson and the resigning Omri Casspi, Reynolds approves of the job Divac has done. Divac has filled the needs of the team with veterans, defense, shooting and depth in the frontcourt and point guard spot.

Below, Reynolds shares his grades for each of the offseason acquisitions.

Quincy Acy: C+

I liked him when he was here. Obviously, he's a limited role player, but for depth I don't think there's anything wrong ... He's a guy who you can put in a game and play power forward ... If you felt like Quincy was going to have to play 30 minutes, you probably wouldn't be too excited about it, but that's not why he's here.

James Anderson: C

I'm not real sure there. I know when he came out of college he was a late, first-round draft pick of the Spurs and didn't really work out there, and has bounced around a bit. I thought in the Summer League he showed some athleticism. He's a guy who is a 2-3 kind of player, so gives you a little depth at that position ... he's basically a roster guy at this point.

Marco Belinelli: B+

I like that one a lot for this team … This team needed shooting, this team needed veteran, proven, winning-type shooters and Belinelli is that ... He's going to space the floor and really help, and certainly the Kings they can go small and probably even play Ben McLemore some at small forward at times and Rudy [Gay] at four. So you could really stretch the floor and give DeMarcus [Cousins] a lot of room.

Caron Butler: B

His reputation is a real positive locker room guy. He's actually been an All-Star. He's been a winner, an important winner on a lot of teams ... Caron has had a terrific career, obviously, I think he'd be the first to say it's near the end, but he can bring some veteran leadership. Again, he's a guy that's done it. I think Vlade has really done a nice job of trying to bring in guys who have had success with winning.

Omri Casspi: B+

Big Omri fan. I thought he more than any player probably benefitted from George Karl's system. Omri will get out and run every time, his three-point shooting really in those last two months was terrific and that's such a key. And you know he is going to bust his tail every night - good teammate. Everybody likes playing with him, hustle guy. My only criticism of Omri is hey, take care of the ball better, he turns it over a little too much, but that's it.

Willie Cauley-Stein: A

He is who we thought he was. He's going to defend it looks like, he's going to hustle and run and protect the basket some. Should be a nice fit with Cousins and Koufos ... I'm really impressed, I thought it was a good pick. He's the perfect pick for this team at this time. Will he be the best rookie they could have had five years from now? Who knows. Maybe not, but I think he was the smart pick and I think he's the right pick. I think he'll fit this club because again, he can play defense, will play defense, likes to play defense and will give you that extra big runner and rim protector. So I think it really will make DeMarcus' job a lot easier. And he and Kosta Koufos and DeMarcus, I mean that gives you a terrific potential rotation there ... He should be able to step in and help the team right away and make it better, and if you get that with your draft pick that's pretty good.

He's got a little bit of a hook. He doesn't really have an offensive game I don't think yet. I think he is a true work in progress ... He doesn't seem real comfortable in the post, he gets pushed around a little bit, but no reason he can't get better, he's got the work ethic. I don't think you really need him to score much, you just need him to be a hustle guy.

Seth Curry: A

I think that was terrific. Seth to me is one of those guys who is starting to find himself. Now, people want to compare him with Steph [Curry] and you can't do that. But he's a big-time shooter, a big-time shooter this young and getting better ... The risk involved is nothing considering everything ... a guy that really can help stretch the floor. Just as a pure shooter, I think Seth, I mean he's big time. Now, he doesn't have anywhere near the creativity of Steph, but it is was it is, he's got a bit of handle and the guy is a big-time shooter so it could work out very well.

Kosta Koufos: A

I really like Kosta Koufos because he's a guy who should really fit George Karl's system. He's a guy who can play center, power forward, has done it on big winners; has started on a 57-win team, he's been a key guy on a couple of other 50-win teams ... He's a role player, but he's a really good role player, and a hustle guy like Jason Thompson, he's going to play every play and he won't quit playing if he doesn't get to touch the ball every now and then. So I think a guy who can play both power positions is a great pickup.

Rajon Rondo: C

I'll say this, I've been a huge Rajon Rondo fan and having said that, I think he was one of the top 15-20 players up to 2012. I won't lie to you, I'm concerned. That is the pickup that concerns me a little because I've watched the last two years and I haven't seen the same level of player. Hopefully, he can get through some of the injuries ... I watched him a lot over the years because I just loved watching him play. He was a spectacular athlete who could rebound in a crowd for a guard, guard anybody and penetrate against anybody, and the last two years I haven't seen that … He's certainly got a lot to prove and it's a one-year deal so the risk is what it is ... So there's always that question: Can he get back?


Thanks for joining us Jerry!