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2015-16 NBA Schedule Released: Sacramento Kings to open at home for third year in a row

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA released the full 2015-16 schedule today for what will be the final year at Sleep Train Arena for the Sacramento Kings.  Here's a brief FAQ, but you can check out the full schedule on

When Is The Home Opener?

The Sacramento Kings will open up the 2015-16 season at home once more (3rd season in a row!), this time against the visiting Los Angeles Clippers on October 28th.  That should be a real fun game between two teams that don't particularly like each other as well as a good test for this new look Kings squad.

Do We Have Any Nationally Televised Games This Year?

The Kings have a whopping 13 games on National TV this year.  Nine of those are on NBA TV but the other four are as follows:

Nov. 6th vs. Houston Rockets (ESPN)

Dec. 10th vs. New York Knicks (TNT)

Jan. 7th vs. L.A. Lakers (TNT)

Feb. 24th vs. San Antonio Spurs (ESPN)

When are Jason Thompson and Mike Malone's Homecomings?

JT and the defending champs visit Sacramento pretty early on in the season, making their first appearance at Sleep Train Arena on November 7th.

Mike Malone on the other hand, only comes to Sacramento once this year, on February 19th.

When Do We Get To See The Kings Beat The Lakers?

Pretty soon! The Lakers are actually Sacramento's second game of the season, also at home.  That will also be the last Kings-Lakers game of 2015 as the final three are all in 2016.

When's King James Coming To Sac?

Potentially never if he keeps being sick and/or injured whenever his team comes to Sactown.  But assuming he's healthy, the Cleveland Cavaliers will be in town on March 9th.

What's the Longest Road Trip?

Surprisingly, the longest road trip of the season is only five games long and it will take place relatively early on in the season, making up most of the second half of November.  All other road trips are a maximum of four games long, which is a far cry from last season's record-long road trip of 8 games.

And Longest Home Stand?

That's also taking place in November, with the Kings starting a six-game homestand on November 6th against the Houston Rockets.  That homestand then leads into that season-long road trip.  The Kings don't have a single homestand over three games for the entirety of the rest of the season.

When's the final game at Sleep Train Arena?

I can't answer that because we don't yet know how deep into the playoffs the Kings will go this year or who their opponent will be.

Ok smartass, when's the final regular season game at Sleep Train Arena?

Oh I see what you meant now, you should have been clearer.  That will be April 9th against Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

How does Sacramento close out the season?

That would be with a two game road trip against the Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets on April 11th and 13th respectively.  Both those games could have playoff implications if the Kings are somehow in the hunt.

Miscellaneous Interesting Facts:

  • The Kings have 19 back to backs but just one instance of four games in five nights.
  • Rajon Rondo goes back to Dallas for the first time on January 5th.
  • Sauce Castillo returns on December 30th.
  • The Kings play the following Western teams just three times: Memphis (1 Home / 2 Away), San Antonio (2 Home / 1 Away), Denver (1 Home / 2 Away), and Utah (2 Home / 1 Away)

Which games are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.