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Which games should be Sactown Royalty Nights this season?

With the NBA schedule being released today, we're now able to plan ahead a little bit for future events.  Sactown Royalty nights have been an annual tradition, and they've increased in number as the seasons have gone by.

We will be hosting group deals for StR nights once more this year and instead of just choosing the games myself, I thought I'd open it up to you, the readers, to provide some suggestions.

Ideally I'd like at least three or four dedicated StR nights at the arena, and I'd also like to increase our away game StR nights, as those tend to be pretty fun.  If you work somewhere that would be willing to host an StR night for an away game, just let us know either in the comments below or e-mail us at

The full schedule is here.  Please leave your suggestions and reasonings for certain games in the comments below and we'll try to do our best to take your thoughts into consideration.  Once we get closer to the season (and firm up any group details with the Kings) we'll announce the nights and begin the process.