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Divac Offers Scouting Position to Predrag Drobnjak

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Aris Barkas of EuroHoops reported yesterday that Vlade Divac has offered a front office position to another one of his close friends, Peja Drobnjak. Drobnjak played on the Serbian national team with Vlade Divac and Peja Stojakovic, and will now join Stojakovic as having an outstanding contract offer to join the Kings front office.

Via Aris Barkas of EuroHoops -

Drobnjak, who played alongside Peja and Divac in the Serbian national team, was also a member of the Seattle Supersonics, the Clippers and the Hawks in his long professional career which lasted almost 20 years. He retired back in 2011 and according to Eurohoops sources Divac has offered him a key position in the scouting department of the Kings.

Drobnjak’s position would be in the scouting department, according to Barkas’ report. I’m sensing a small backlash against Divac’s decision to target some of his closest friends for front office positions. It’s a subdued backlash, but it’s there. I’ll say this, Vlade Divac knows Peja Drobnjak a lot better than I do. I could pretend like I know Drobnjak will make a great scout, or I could pretend that I know Drobnjak will make a horrible scout, but I won’t. I have no idea.

We do know that Drobnjak has played basketball all over the world at league and national levels. He’s been a starter, a key player, a bench guy, etc. He’s seen it all.

And really, this barely-newsworthy report is just an excuse to share Drobnjak’s amazing, and I do mean amazing, website from his time with the Seattle Supersonics. It’s really something to behold.