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What would you want to see from a Kings rebrand?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings have gone through a lot of change since Vivek Ranadivé has taken over as majority owner of the franchise, both on and off the court.  However the brand itself hasn't seen much change, with the only real change being a slight adjustment to the jerseys starting last year.

Typically when a team changes hands, the new management wants to add their own stamp to the franchise and we see a franchise rebrand soon after.  Just recently we have both the Los Angeles Clippers and the Milwaukee Bucks making significant changes to their look after an ownership change.  So far the Kings have refrained from doing anything major, but I could definitely see a big change coming next season (note that this is pure speculation on my part and based on no inside information) as the Kings move downtown into their new arena.

Not all change is good of course.  While some work out fantastically well (the Bucks new looks and the Warriors change in 2010 were much for the better), the Clippers recent rebrand gives them some of the worst-looking jerseys in all of professional sports.

In my personal opinion, the Kings could do with a decent amount of change.  The current logo has been in use since the 1994-95 season and is a little too busy for my own taste.  The current jerseys are much better than the previous versions as they incorporate the old look of the glory-era jerseys, but the number font and the side panels need some work.

Recently, commenter TheKingsDude posted a FanShot linking to some interesting logo re-designs by Addison Foote.  The Kings version is one of the better redesigns that I've seen suggested, and it's a major change from anything we've seen before.  Making use of the lion is something that I personally wouldn't mind seeing in any upcoming change.

One thing that I think is safe to say is that any rebrand would still involve the color purple.  This might come as a disappointment to some (especially after seeing how nice those Baby Blue throwbacks look) but purple has become synonymous with the Kings and this community, and we've seen the Kings use #ForeverPurple for marketing.

Those are just some of my own personal thoughts on what I'd like to see.  What do you guys think? Do the Kings need a new look?  What if anything should they incorporate from either past or present looks?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.