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Return of the Mail Sac: Tummy Trouble?

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As promised, the StR Reader mailbag, aka the Mail Sac, has returned and will hopefully now be a more consistent feature on the site.  That will in part be decided by you guys and how many questions you ask so ask away! Like they say, there's no such thing as a stupid question.

On to the Mail Sac:

Via e-mail, Eraserhead asks:

Hi Guys,

You might know me as Eraserhead in the thread. I don't comment much. Like you said on the last post, it's a slow month in the NBA. This may be my chance to ask this very important question that has been bugging me.

I have never seen an NBA player took a bathroom break during a game. It bugs me that nature isn't calling at a bad time for these players, it sure has called me more in bad times than not. So my question is, what does players do when mother nature call during a game?

Thank you for attending to this very important issue.

A: Well then, not exactly what I was expecting for the first question, but I'll run with it.  Most of the reason you often don't see guys needing to use the bathroom during the game is because they have the opportunity to do so before the game and during halftime.  Of course, sometimes you have to drop a deuce that won't net your team two points.  In that case, players will usually wait until a timeout and then head to the locker room for a quick break.

Things are simpler in the NFL:

From Twitter, @sbnminerrush asks:

Chances Vince Hunter makes the roster or D-League roster?

A: If I had to bet on it, I'd say Vince Hunter stands an excellent chance of being a member of the Reno Bighorns this year, if he doesn't choose to go to Europe that is.  The Kings can designate up to four roster cuts to their D-League affiliate, and Hunter will probably be one of those.  Hunter's got a lot of potential, particularly defensively, but it's hard to see him making the pro squad for several reasons.  One, the Kings are going to be heavily focused on developing Willie Cauley-Stein.  Two, Quincy Acy offers a more NBA-ready version of what Vince Hunter can bring and already has a guaranteed contract.  Three, the Kings already have fourteen guaranteed contracts on the roster and probably won't use the last one on a project player.

From Facebook, Ben Boykin asks:

How well do you think Rondo will do for us, will his numbers go up or will they keep declining?

A: That's the question isn't it?  It's clear Rondo isn't the same player as he used to be and he probably will never be again, but I'm of the mind that he can still be a very good player.  Rondo's court vision and playmaking instincts are among the best in the NBA still and playing for George Karl should give him the freedom he needs to thrive.  I'm not expecting much scoring from him to be honest (in fact, I think Collison could average more points despite coming off the bench), especially given all the weapons he has around him, but I could definitely see him being back among the league's assist leaders should all go well.  He was averaging 10.8 assists a game for Boston early last season in just over 31 minutes a game and the Kings as currently constructed are better on paper than that Boston team was.

From Twitter, @Brianisntfunny asks:

will the Kings defense be improved this season, if so where do you think they'd be ranked?

A:  I think Sacramento's defense will be MUCH improved, in large part due to the additions that Vlade Divac made this summer.  Adding Kosta Koufos was a huge boon on that end, as he was arguably one of the best big man defenders in the entire league last year.  DeMarcus Cousins made a huge leap on that end of the court himself last year and not having to shoulder the burden himself will help.  Willie Cauley-Stein should be able to make an impact on defense from day one and could one day become a premier defender.  Rajon Rondo's experience will help on that end, as will a healthy Darren Collison and improved Ben McLemore.

I don't think the Kings will be an elite defense, especially considering how bad they were last year under Karl, but I do think they'll finish somewhere in the 15-20 range in terms of defensive rating, which would be their best effort in years.

From Facebook, Tien Sek asks:

What's Rick Adelman up to these days?

A: Since retiring from coaching in Minnesota, Rick's moved back to Portland to spend time with his family.  I hope that one day the Kings honor him by putting his name in the rafters, as he deserves every bit as much credit as the players for the success that this team experienced in the early 2000s.

From Facebook, Robert Spring asks:

Is cousins going to be traded and what could they get for him?

A:  This could be a post all on its own, but here's my short answer: No, the Kings will not trade Cousins.  As for what they could get for him, a ton.  Just look at what Cleveland sent Minnesota for Kevin Love or what New York sent to Denver for Carmelo Anthony.  Those were hefty packages and Cousins is younger and locked down for two more years after this one.

Finally, from Twitter, @brettdpatterson asks:

Was in a bad mood and wanted to get madder... Watched the grant land draft doc. Pete angers me. What's a happy kings video?

A: I have several go-to Kings videos that will always make me happy.

The miracle 35 point comeback against Chicago:

Tyreke's Half-Court Game-Winner:

Beno breaking Kobe's ankles:

Peja's ridiculous pass to B-Jax:

Any sort of Jason Williams highlights:

And this "Here We Stayed" video from our own Fireplug:


As always, you can send your questions for us to, leave a comment on Facebook or the comments below, or shoot us a tweet with #AskStR.  Thanks for reading!