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Golden 1 Center construction update

The Golden 1 Center is now more than a year into its construction process and with each passing day, a new feature of the downtown arena pops up. These days, the roof trusses and the exterior façade metal panel and glazing at the south side of the practice facility are the new noticeably visible features on the exterior of the building.

This video we shot Wednesday shows how the arena is shaping up. At the 7-second mark you will see what's left of the Downtown Plaza bridge after it was gutted. At the 25-second mark is the main entrance of the arena where the five-story, glass hangar doors will be. Beyond that, the roof trusses are visible. The K Street entrance is at the 41-second mark and the exterior of the practice facility is shown at 46 seconds.

For a comparison, take a look at this video from some of the same spots two months ago.

Other construction taking place this week, according to the Kings, includes the installation of steel frame exterior façade support "ladders," precast concrete stadia in the upper bowl, roofing of the practice facility, the application of spray-applied fireproofing to steel, interior concrete masonry wall installation and mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection overhead and wall rough-in.

In other arena news, the folks behind the final remaining challenge to the arena's financing plan, which was rejected by a judge last month, have officially thrown in the legal towel, according to Dale Kasler of The Sacramento Bee.

"Two weeks after a Sacramento Superior Court judge emphatically rejected their claims that the city gave the Kings an illegal "secret subsidy" for the arena, the three citizens agreed to dismiss their lawsuit. The settlement clears the city to contribute its $255 million subsidy to the new Golden 1 Center, 14 months after the City Council approved the deal and nine months after the Kings broke ground at Downtown Plaza."

"In return, City Attorney James Sanchez said the city won’t seek to collect its court costs from the three plaintiffs, a neighborhood activist and two retirees."

Green lights all around as fall 2016 inches closer.