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Give us your 30Qs for the season!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Our annual 30Q series is almost done, but for one of our final posts, we want to hear your questions on the Kings.  We'll take the 30 best questions (that we haven't asked or answered yet) and include them in a single post.

Your questions don't just have to be about the upcoming season either.  For example,we've done 30Qs in the past asking who your favorite Kings of all time are or what was the best live game you've ever attended.  You could ask questions about NBA rules you don't understand (like what exactly is a trade exception?).  You could also ask questions about specific players or even questions about us, the site writers.  The only rule is that the question has to be Kings related somehow.

We'll be taking questions from you all the way through Sunday, September 27th.  You can leave your questions in the comments below, send them to our twitter account or post on our Facebook page.  We look forward to hearing from you!