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Kings bringing back Eric Moreland on a one-year partially guaranteed deal

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

When the Sacramento Kings waived Eric Moreland in late July, it was the last time many of us expected to see Moreland in a Kings uniform.  However, as we mentioned at the time, the Kings could re-sign Moreland if he managed to clear waivers without being claimed.

That scenario seems to have taken place, as Shams Charania is reporting that Moreland is returning to the Kings on a one-year deal with "significant guarantees".  Those guarantees likely come at a discount to the deal that Moreland would have had if the Kings didn't waive him (his contract would have become fully guaranteed for the year if he hadn't been waived), and give Sacramento more flexibility moving forward.  Moreland will probably still have to beat out other candidates to make the team, such as training camp signing Vince Hunter.

Moreland was rumored to be choosing between offers from the Kings, Lakers and Pistons.  He chose to return to a Kings team that has probably more frontcourt depth than it did last year.  If he can somehow break through to make the team, he'll have earned it.