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Watch: Kings Training Camp Scrimmage Day 2

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

News10's Sean Cunningham continues to bring us the goods from San Diego with these glimpses of training camp scrimmages.  The teams were a little more mixed up today, with Boogie joining Rondo on the White Squad.

Today's highlights include a sweet block by Willie on an unsuspecting Boogie, a thunderous McLemore slam, and Boogie already in midseason form with his opinions on the officiating.

In other news from Day 2 of training camp, James Ham brings us some interesting tidbits including the fact that today's scrimmage featured just an 18 second shot clock as Coach Karl wanted to keep the pace as fast as possible.

Karl also goes on to mention some standout performers from the early days of camp:

"I think the two guys that probably come to my mind are Darren Collison, this is the first time I've seen him, the first time I've coached him and he's been outstanding," Karl said. "He's probably the best player on the court yesterday and he was pretty good today. The other guy, I think Kosta. I thought Kosta was a damn good player for me in Denver and he's better than he was. He's better, he's more solid, he's more confident, he's stronger, he's bigger. He knows how to play. He knows how to play winning basketball. I think those two guys are probably in my mind standing out the most."

As Ham notes, both players are still in the conversation for the starting lineup, although no matter what, they should see significant playing time this year.  I'm very excited by this team's depth and the multiple options available at each position.