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Rudy Gay to miss Sacramento's game against New Orleans

Kimani Okearah

Whoever knew getting fouled on a three point shot would hurt your team so bad?  That's the case with the Sacramento Kings right now as Rudy Gay is set to miss his second game in a row with a corneal abrasion.  Rudy had his eye scratched by Kemba Walker early on in the second Overtime period of Monday's game.

The Kings are reeling from a couple tough losses in a row and tomorrow's matchup against the Pelicans will prove even tougher without Gay.  New Orleans has won five of their last 7 games, a streak started with a win against Sacramento at Sleep Train Arena.  The Kings were lifeless in that game but fortunately managed to rattle off a five-game win streak immediately afterwards.  The memory of that loss should be fresh in their minds so hopefully the Kings will come out with far more energy and focus.

Hopefully Rudy will be healthy and back in action soon.