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Send us your Kings trade ideas

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Approximately 542% (rounded down) of the tweets I get on Twitter lately are people linking me to the ESPN Trade Machine with an idea for the Kings asking for my opinion.  Regardless of the fact that my opinion has less of an impact than the Kings' perimeter defense, I thought it'd be fun to do a mailbag post centered around trade ideas.

So here you go, now's your chance to send me all the trade ideas you want.  Here's the ESPN Trade Machine.  You can hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments or even by e-mailing me at  I will then evaluate every single trade idea aside from the clearly stupid ones and include them in a mailbag post sometime next week.  Bonus points to people who provide well thought out reasoning/explanations for why their trade makes sense.

Here's some tips on trade ideas:

1. Don't just think about what you want on your team, think about what the other team would want.

2. You likely will overvalue Kings players compared to those on other teams.  That's not unexpected, given you know much more about Kings players.  Just keep it in mind.

3. Don't trade for John Salmons.

So put yourself in Vlade's shoes and send me what you got.