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21 GMs don’t know that DeMarcus Cousins is the best center in the NBA

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DeAndre Jordan was voted best center in the annual GM survey

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The 2016 NBA GM Survey is upon us. It’s always a fun and interesting read, and gives us an idea of how NBA decision-makers view the league. But this year it has brought into focus a startling and baffling oversight. 21 NBA GMs voted for someone other than DeMarcus Cousins as the league’s best center (technically 22, but Vlade can’t vote for Cousins based on the rules of the survey, so we’ll excuse his vote here). DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers won top honors, receiving 33.3% of the votes, while Cousins gathered 26.7%.

Now, we know this is factually incorrect. Jordan is a far inferior scorer, but is touted as a great defender for getting an extra block per game. Meanwhile, DeMarcus has a higher defensive rating than Jordan. Alas.

I imagine part of the voting was swayed by the idea of which players GMs would rather have on their team. Right or wrong, some GMs still wouldn’t want the challenge of DeMarcus. That’s not what the question asks, but I’m confident it was a factor.

Cousins and Jordan became friends this summer as part of Team USA, but we know Cousins won’t let that prevent him for avenging this wrong. He should be on a mission, as always, to prove his doubters wrong.

The only other King mentioned in the survey was Skal Labissiere, who tied for 5th in “Who was the biggest steal in the draft?”