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Introducing: StR After Dark

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Sactown Royalty’s New Post-Game Show!

Tiffany And Co. Celebrates Unveiling Of Renovated Beverly Hills Store Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

This season, we are going to try something cool and new called “StR: After Dark”. Essentially, it is a post game show which I hope to do for most of the games. Following last night’s loss to the San Antonio Spurs, I decided to give this show a little test run.

Obviously, it is a little awkward with just one person, so in the future I am hoping to get a set format with a rotating roster of co-hosts and guests. Check out this little preview episode and give me feedback! I am hoping that maybe I can get this up on Youtube/Facebook Live in the future and add even more interaction (I cheated and Periscoped from my phone on this one).

What would you like to see from a show like this? I would love ideas for recurring segments and formats.

Enjoy the show! Sorry about my face.