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Omri Casspi Denies Trade Request Rumors

Omri Casspi has responded to recent trade rumors.

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Orlando Magic Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend, Hoopshype translated a report from an Israeli website citing Omri Casspi’s unhappiness with his current situation in Sacramento. I took that original report with a huge grain of salt, partly because I have no idea how reputable that website is, as I cannot possibly translate their report with proper context, and it didn’t really seem like an ‘Omri Casspi’ thing to do.

I don’t doubt his frustration, of course, but the part where he ‘asked to be moved immediately’ just didn’t add up. Anyway, here is the Hoopshype translation of the first report.

Omri Casspi is very disappointed with his situation in Sacramento and has asked to be moved immediately.

Toronto, Boston and New York have expressed interest in Casspi.

Here is the original report, if anyone speaks fluent Hebrew.

OK, now we’re all caught up to speed.

In response to this ‘rumor’ floating around basketball internet, Omri Casspi released a response by way of text message to CSN’s James Ham.

Zero truth to that. Zero, - Omri Casspi

‘Zero truth’ doesn’t leave any wiggle room for ‘partial truth’.

Ham continues, reporting that Casspi’s agent has talked to the Kings recently about his role with the team.

According to multiple sources, Casspi’s agent met with the Kings this week to discuss his role with the team. But he did not request a trade at that time.

There you have it, I guess. Kind of a bizarre scene overall, so make of it what you will.

You could make the argument that Omri Casspi is the fourth best player on the Kings after DeMarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay, and Darren Collison. While that is its own separate problem, I’d like to see him play more, and having what was supposed to be a behind-the-scenes conversation with the Kings organization about his role with the team moving forward was probably healthy for both Casspi and the Kings.

The Kings are in the middle of a rare four day NBA game vacation, and I am waiting to see if Dave Joerger will walk away from this much-needed practice time and reflection to make some rotation changes before Wednesday’s game against the Spurs. That could result in more Omri Casspi, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Omri is talented enough for a rotation spot somewhere, however, so I’d expect this situation to find some resolution soon. If the Kings don’t see him as a big part of the team this season, they should explore trade options.