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#Lensface: Framing the Game

The secret that drives the NBA? Photography. A shutter beast lurks on the Sacramento baseline...

Kimani Okearah

Hi team! photographer Kimani Okearah here with a special announcement - this season, I'm performing a character in a content series for NBA fans & Kings fans!

That character is #Lensface (yes, the hashtag is silent). #Lensface is a self-important photojournalist. He thinks the NBA exists for the art of his photography.

Yeah. I tried a test run during the preseason, so if you have me on social media channels, you might have seen a glimpse!

You can watch these stories being created live during home games on my snapchat (theKimansta):

Pretty cool, yeah?

Here's #Lensface at the Golden 1 Center for the Kings victory over the Timberwolves on the 29th:

at the Kings vs. Spurs on the 27th:

at the Kings Fan Fest & Open Practice:

at the Golden 1 Center Media Tour:

at the Kings Media Day:

This series is for photographers & NBA fans of all allegiances with Sacramento Kings fans in mind first! Any ideas for #Lensface appropriate situations? Let's chat!

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Personal Links:

Instagram - theKimansta

Twitter - theKimansta (much funnier than Brad)

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