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Our time will come

After watching another cursed franchise reach the promised land, we're reminded that someday we'll also get our championship.

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday the Chicago Cubs broke a 108 year title drought. I don't need to emphasize how incredible that moment is, because if you follow sports at all you're being inundated with it right now. But I think it serves as a nice reminder to Kings fans that there's always someday, and eventually someday comes for us all.

The Kings now hold the third longest title drought among the four major sports. Only the Arizona Cardinals and the Cleveland Indians have gone longer. The Kings won their only championship in 1951 as the Rochester Royals. The Kings also now hold the longest drought in major sports between appearances in a championship series. These streaks will end. Not this year, but they will end.

I've seen the Boston Red Sox, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and now the Chicago Cubs win championships. If they can, so can the Kings. Right now we'll watch and root for the team to regain respectability. Someday we'll see them raise a championship banner.