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The Sacramento Kings do not pay us

A letter to our readers from Sactown Royalty Headquarters

Sactown Royalty Headquarters

Over the weekend, an article about how the Sacramento Kings should trade DeMarcus Cousins was published on the internet. This wholly original take that I can’t believe I haven’t seen published anywhere before included quotes from anonymous NBA executives. One of those executives had the gall to try to slander our community of Kings bloggers.

As editor of Sactown Royalty, I can 100% say the Kings do not pay us to write about them and never have. There is absolutely no truth to this rumor and I am shocked that this was even insinuated. Writing for Sactown Royalty is a passion project for us, not some sort of way for us to get an income that doesn’t have to be reported to the United States government. Even now, section214 is penning a treatise on just how underrated the Georgios Papagiannis draft pick was while on an all-expenses paid cruise of the Caribbean Islands that he told me he won in a radio contest. And after I told Greg that we didn’t have the budget to get him proper equipment for the Podcast, he went out of his own pocket to get state-of-the-art microphones and recording software for the new and improved Sactown Royalty Podcast, brought to you by TIBCO.

Plus, I can’t believe someone would insinuate that we are paid when we are always so critical of the Kings. For example, Tony’s working on a piece right now about how the food quality at the new arena (tickets available here) is almost too high, resulting in a little bit more wait time for concessions. That’s the kind of hard-hitting critique that you won’t see in the Sacramento Bee.

This whole situation makes me incredibly upset. If I didn’t have to rush over to this custom tailored suit appointment right now, I’d probably just keep ranting but unfortunately I’ll have to stop here as I’m already running late. Thankfully my driver knows all the shortcuts and should get me there on time. So until next time, thank you for reading, and we will continue to provide Kings fans with the best news and analysis around.