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Matt Barnes, DeMarcus Cousins involved in altercation at New York City club

TMZ is reporting that Barnes is wanted by the NYPD for questioning following his role in a nightclub altercation that involved at least two women and a man.

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Brooklyn Nets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

As I’m sure many of you have heard by now, TMZ is reporting that there was an altercation at a New York City nightclub last night in which Matt Barnes was identified as the assailant, allegedly choking a women during an argument and punching two other people who tried to intervene. DeMarcus Cousins may have been involved in trying to break up the fight as well although details at the time are scarce.

In the video released by TMZ, Barnes and Cousins are outside of the club seemingly waiting for a car. While Barnes doesn’t speak, Cousins is heard talking about the incident, as well as shaking his hand. At one point Cousins says “Matt hit the shit” out of someone and also that “I don’t know what happened, I saw someone choking Matt and I knocked the shit out of him”.

This is not the first such incident of Barnes’ NBA career, as he has a history of violence both on and off the court, the most famous being the Derek Fisher incident last summer. This is a big reason why so many Kings fans were against his signing in the first place.

At this time, there have been no statements released by the players, the Kings or by the NYPD. We will keep you updated as we get more details. This is not good, and I would hope that once the details come to light the Kings will do the right thing instead of sweeping this under the rug, if in fact Barnes was at fault.

UPDATE 8:48 A.M.:

TMZ has posted a new article with Barnes’ side of the story.

A rep for the NBA star tells us ... Barnes was having a good time at Avenue Nightclub with his teammate, DeMarcus Cousins, when he went to sit at his VIP booth and accidentally "butt bumped" a woman who was at the next booth over.

Barnes claims the woman reacted by slapping him in the face, hard -- and that's when all hell broke loose.

Barnes claims the woman's crew -- which included several men -- jumped in and began to get violent. Barnes was knocked to the ground in the melee and one of the men began to choke him.

We're told Barnes got physical in an effort to protect himself. Cousins also jumped in to defend Barnes. In footage shot moments after the fight, Cousins references Barnes getting choked.