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NBA Trade Rumor: Ben McLemore receiving interest from Cavaliers and other Eastern teams

Kimani Okearah

Ben McLemore has been both promising and disappointing during his short career as a Sacramento King.  We've seen the extreme athleticism, the smooth release and tough defense.  We've also seen bad turnovers, wide open airballs and forgetting to guard the guy with the ball.  Unfortunately, it's been far more of the latter than the former.

Still, the Kings haven't been willing to give up on Ben as of yet, and everything I've heard and seen seems to indicate that he's a very hard worker.  Other teams are prowling around the Kings right now, hoping to pull one over on an organization that seems in disarray.  As such,'s Chris Haynes reports that the Cavs as well as other Eastern teams have expressed interest in McLemore, although as of yet all offers have been rebuffed (now we know who the Cavs were probably wanting for Mozgov).

Aside from the interest in McLemore, perhaps an even more intriguing statement is this line offered by Haynes:

It's widely known within league circles that agents have been pushing to get their clients out of Sacramento with the franchise embroiled in dysfunction and turmoil.

He goes on to mention Rudy Gay as a player that "wouldn't mind a change in scenery" (Of note: LeBron James agent is also Ben McLemore's agent).

I have no reason to doubt Haynes' report that agents would like their clients out of Sacramento.  Who would blame them?  The Kings have done nothing to prove that they are stable, and this latest George Karl dust-up has just added more fuel to the fire.

It should be an interesting week leading up to Vlade Divac's first trade deadline.