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The Kings shouldn't be making trades

Without a clear direction for the franchise, deadline deals will only serve to repeat past mistakes.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings are already involved in numerous trade rumors leading up to Thursday's deadline. We've already heard rumors around Kosta Koufos, Ben McLemore, Rudy Gay, and Marco Belinelli. And the Kings seem primed to make moves of some sort.

But the Kings are setting themselves up for a repeat of past mistakes. The Kings have tried every approach to team building, except the approach that has been proven successful time and time again. Ownership gets on the same page, hires a GM to match that vision, who hires a coach to match the vision, and then builds a roster to fit the vision.

How do you decide who to target at this deadline? You're obviously not targeting someone for Karl's system, right? Despite his recent stay of execution, it seems clear he's not a long term solution. And since you don't know who the next coach will be (because reports have suggested the Kings won't be at the top of the list for any of the top coaching candidates), you aren't adding players based on the next system either.

Maybe the plan is to keep Karl long-term. I doubt it, but maybe it is. That's the only situation where it makes sense to make trades. Otherwise you're making short-term deals based on short-term desires.

The Kings have tried that type of team-building before. It doesn't work.